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Glycerin, Propylenglykol, Aroma

Watermelon ICED Nicotine-free

Vaporizer Pod: Refreshingly Different, No Compromises

Marry Jane's nicotine-free Watermelon Iced Vaporizer Pod is your ultimate refreshment – all without nicotine. Experience the juicy sweetness of watermelon combined with a cool, refreshing twist.

This pod is ideal for those seeking a healthy and invigorating treat.

Whether it's after a long day or a quick break, nicotine-free Watermelon Iced is your ticket to a world of flavor and freshness. Enjoy a carefree vaping experience that revitalizes your senses and enhances your day, without relying on nicotine.

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CHF 11.95

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Watermelon ICED ohne Nikotin
Watermelon ICED Nicotine-free

Questions about MJ Pods

What flavors are available for your vaporizer pods?

Our vaporizer pods come in a wide range of flavors, including Strawberry Iced, Blueberry Iced, Watermelon Iced, and many more. The selection is continually expanding to suit your taste.

What nicotine strengths do you offer for the pods?

Our pods are available with a nicotine strength of 20mg, and there are also options without nicotine. This allows you to customize your preferences.

How long does a single pod last in a vaporizer?

The lifespan of a pod depends on individual usage. In general, our pods can provide several hundred puffs.

Are your pods compatible with Elfa vaporizers?

Yes, our pods are compatible with Elfa vaporizers. You can rest assured that they work seamlessly together.



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